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Our Audience

The listeners and viewers of our shows exceed the national average in general household income levels and education. More than 3 million people are listening each week to the radio and close to 70 million on television. They trust the good doctor, and they are actively engaged with Asa. That is the confidence that you should have when you are considering how to invest your advertising dollars.


Does Advertising with Asa Rx Work?

Advertising on Asa Rx can change the way of doing business forever. It's about brand -building and an established trust that creates the raving fan for your business.

The Local Advertising Process

To advertise on the show or have Asa endorse your business on a local or regional level, you will first connect with a local radio affiliate. When you reach out to the local radio affiliate that carries our show, ask to speak to their Sales Department. A member of their sales team will work directly with you to create an advertising strategy within Asa Rx.

How do I get Asa to voice my commercial?

Asa also voices commercials as an endorsement. All requests are approved by the Asa Rx Media Team, working alongside the radio affiliate sales team. Your radio affiliate sales representative can walk you through the process.

How do I become a Healthy Lifestyle Provider?

Healthy Lifestyle Providers go through a comprehensive approval process through our HLP department. They are looked at for their overall performance and customer service. They all hold their license, certifications, and credentials in their respective area. To learn more about the program click here.

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